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Cold Water Boot Camp USA
Cold Water Boot Camp USA takes eight hardy volunteers from across America and puts them into cold water to learn what really happens. Under Dr. Geisbrecht’s watchful eye, the volunteers personally experience the three effects of Cold Water Immersion – cold shock, cold incapacitation, and even hypothermia. Along the way Dr. Giesbrecht provides valuable information about how to better survive an accidental fall into cold water and the Boot Campers face the indisputable fact – that the difference between becoming a Statistic and a Survivor…is wearing a Lifejacket.

If you are a boating or water safety educator this is a must share program with your classes. If you recreate on or near cold water this program could save your life.


Beyond boot Camp USA

Beyond Boot Camp goes one step further than Cold Water Boot Camp USA with in depth information for boating and water safety instructors with focuses on the 3 significant effects of cold water immersion: Shock, Incapacitation and Hypothermia. The information provided in this video will better prepare boating and water safety educators to instruct about the risks of cold water immersion.

A sad reality of hypothermia is that a large percentage of severely hypothermic victims die during or shortly after rescue and many of these deaths can be attributed to improper rescue and handling techniques. The 3R’s (rescue, recover, and rewarm) reviews extraction techniques from a variety of vessels, triage and treatment options, including re-warming on site and stabilizing the victim to prepare for transport to a medical facility.

If you are a boating / water safety educator or first responder, this DVD is a must view. For educators it will provide you with a deeper understanding of the effects of cold water immersion and for first responders, it can help you keep a hypothermic victim alive.


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