Continuing Education
Take one of the professional classes below to keep your training up to date and to be prepared in case of an emergency!
The National Water Safety Congress offers continuing education in Cold
Water Safety Immersion Survival and Rescue Recover Re-warm, an 8 hour course and also in Personal Watercraft Basic Operation Maintenance and Rescue, a 16 - hour course. Cecilia Duer, Jerry Craddock and Michael Ulrich, with Brian Davidson partnering on the Personal Watercraft Course, wrote the aforementioned both courses.

All curricula have the potential for 8 hours of continuing medical education units and you should check with your local medical director for confirmation.

Contact the National Water Safety Office 502.352.8771 or e-mail our Executive Director Mike Fields  for more information.

Cold Water Safety Immersion Survival and Rescue Recover Re-warm Course
The first part of the program is designed to educate rescue specialists (including law enforcement, firefighters, EMS providers, lifeguards, first responders) and boating safety educators about the risks associated with cold water immersion.
It is also intended as a teacher’s guide to Cold Water Boot Camp USA providing in-depth information for water safety instructors focusing on the three significant effects of cold water immersion: shock, incapacitation and hypothermia.
The second part, Beyond Boot Camp, will educate first responders on how to more safely and effectively deal with the rescue, recovery and re-warming of a hypothermic victim. Instruction will be provided on the safest and most proper
way to contribute to the success of a rescue, recovery and re-warming protocol.