Production Team
Find out about the great people who worked hard behind the scenes to make both projects successful.

Both Cold Water Boot Camp USA and Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp USA Recue Recover, and Re-warm were products of the National Water Safety Congress and funded in part by the United States Coast Guard Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety grants programs for non-profit, national organizations. Both were organized, produced and edited for distribution by Executive Producers, Cecilia Duer, Jerry Craddock, and Michael Ulrich who oversaw all work for the National Water Safety Congress, and Cecilia Duer for the same on Cold Water Boot Camp USA. Ted Rankine, of Play Safe Productions, Canada is the Producer of both DVD’s.

Nick Suvak Master Chief United States Coast Guard Station Fairport Harbor, Ohio (retired) was key with Michael Ulrich and Jerry Craddock in developing the Incident Command System in place for both DVD productions.

Incident Command was a necessary tool, and well utilized, in both productions. It should be a necessary requirement in all rescue work. Be sure your teams understand and train and utilize appropriate incent command systems. If we can assist you in setting up your incident command system please contact out office.