Safety Principles
The Boot Camp USA projects developed safety priciples, including 1-10-1 and the 3Rs. Read how these principles can turn an accident into a successful rescue.
With Cold Water Boot Camp USA, we had volunteers jump into the water to have them demonstrate what really happens when someone is submerged in cold water. The campers showed the 1-10-1 principle without fault. Each camper gasped, was able to temporarily swim, and lastly, we took a few volunteers and left them in the water to the brink of hypothermia. Our campers had the advantage of knowing the 1-10-1 principle and knowing what they were getting into. Make sure you do too.
In Beyond Boot Camp USA, we took it one step further and covered valuable information for rescuers and anyone who may happen upon a cold water victim. These techniques are summarized in the 3Rs – Rescue, Recover, and Rewarm. This principle, along with the accompaning videos, will prepare you for a variety of rescue scenarios and covers the medical differences facing victims of cold water.
Ice Safety Sheet
Although we didn't send any volunteers out to fall through a frozen lake, we do want to emphasize the danger of ice. No ice is safe ice, but you can minimize the associated risks if you follow the steps described on our ice safety sheet.