Boot Camp Projects
Cold Water Boot Camp and Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp USA educate the general public and first responders with preventative measures and rescue and recover and re-warm techniques should you be a victim, or find yourself in a position to rescue a cold water immersed victim.
The Boot Campers of Cold Water Boot Camp USA dive in and experience the three effects of cold-water immersion cold shock, cold incapacitation, and even hypothermia. The project provides valuable information of how to survive an accidental fall into cold water. The demonstration forces the Boot Campers to face the indisputable fact that the difference between becoming a statistic and a survivor is wearing a life jacket!
This project provides in depth information for boating and water safety instructors and focuses on the three significant effects of cold water immersion; shock, incapacitation, and hypothermia, reviews extraction techniques from a variety of vessels, triage and treatment options, including re-warming on site and stabilizing the victim for transport to a medical facility.